Despite its look, Paris is not only the capital of fashion. You can dress well here, but also you can eat well, because the city does not lack many talented chefs. One of them is the hero of animated cartoon for children - Remy. His dream is to work in one of the exclusive Parisian restaurants. He does not lack talent or passion, so there is nothing in the way, except that he is ... a rat.

One day, Remy gets to the sewers under one of the sophisticate restaurants and against the will of his family; he decides to make his dream come true. To achieve this, he must cooperate with Linguini, a cook without talent. What at first seemed totally impossible, is slowly becoming real surprising not only Remy but the entire Paris.

“Ratatouille” delights with both - animation quality and great dubbing performed by stars such as Zbigniew Zamachowski, Marian Opania or Jerzy Kryszak. This fairy tale is a warm story about family, friendship and overcoming obstacles, that fate often puts on our way. It shows that it is worthwhile to be persistent and believe in your capabilities, and above all that you need to have dreams./