We have heard the sentence “fear has big eyes” since we were kids. It turns out that this is true, except that in the case of Mike Wazowski, one of the heroes of Disney’s story “Monsters” fear doesn’t have big eyes but one big eye. Strange? It would be if not the fact that he is ... a monster! Together with his friend, James P. Sullivan, he works in the electric plant in Monstropolis. The plant is not an ordinary place, because the energy used to supply the city is produced from the screams of children. As in the nightmares of childhood a big monster comes out of the closet, awakens you at night, and you scream, terrified. Everything is fine until a four-year old girl Bu gets into the factory. The monsters are much more afraid of her than she is of them. Despite that, James and Mike decide to find the door to her closet and put Bu in her room, until someone discovers her presence in the factory. Unfortunately, bad Bogus Randall decides to catch her and use her for his nefarious purposes. Will the cartoon characters save Bu from a wicked monster?

“Monsters” is a unique tale for children that can help kids overcome the imaginary fears. It is an extraordinarily vivid and entertaining story about how fear can become our friend. It is definitely worth seeing.