King Matt the First

There are only few people who do not know the Janusz Korczak’s story “King Matt the First” - the classic children’s novel. Several generations of kids read it with flushed face. It appeared on screen half-century ago, however such work willingly returns. Thus, in 2002 television series produced by Poland and Germany appeared on TV. It had the same title as the book and was aired for some time as a bedtime story on the first channel in Polish Television. However, this was not the end. It was decided to move the story to the big screen, which happened with cooperation of the Disney Channel.

Matt is little boy who is to become a king. He decides to prove that he is not a spoiled child, but a brave king who cares for his people. He tries to make everybody happy at the same time, fulfilling the dreams of children, which leads to enormous confusion in the kingdom. The story is not possible to tell, you have to see it! That is why we invite you to the cinema - both small audience and those older, for whom Korczak’s book is an important element of childhood.