Horton hears a Who!

Somewhere in the jungle lives Horton, a magnificent elephant, who takes care of other animals’ children. One day, thanks to his huge, attentive ears, he hears voices crying for help coming from a small speck, which falls on held by him flower. Horton learns about the existence of a multitude of small humans called Whos living in a Who-ville – a tiny planet. Unfortunately, none of the inhabitants of the jungle wants to believe him. They think that Horton made everything up, and thus has a negative impact on their children, who believed his story. The elephant decides to save Whos by himself, because every creature, even the smallest, deserves to be safe. The “black character” of the story is Sour Kangaroo, who wants to stop him at any price.

„Horton Hears a Who” is a wonderful, animated story for children. It is funny; it attracts the attention with the rhymed narrative and moral, and will not only entertain our kids, but also teach them something meaningful. Based on the book written by Dr. Seuss, a children’s story writer, a warm tale about small and large persons is a must to watch with your small or bigger child. They will certainly not be disappointed.