Happy Feet

Penguin Mumble does not have an easy life. He was born completely devoid of musical talent. It wouldn’t be anything terrible, if not for the fact that in an environment in which he lives, life partner is chosen by singing songs, while his greatest love is tap dancing. He stands out so much from the rest of the penguins, that he feels very bad. What’s more, the other penguins are certain that the difference may cause the anger of the gods, so they banish him from homeland. What will poor Mumble do in this situation?

„Happy Feet” is a very controversial animated fairy tale. On the one hand, it is a great production for young children, as it was created in the form of a musical with a lot of singing and dancing, and surely kids will like it. On the other hand, older viewers will see there a lot of hidden political messages, which George Miller included in his work. Topics discussed are too serious for children. However, they are blended into movie in such a way that even several years old child will not see them absorbed by entertaining penguins. So this is a fairy tale for many generations. It talks about diversity, rejection by loved ones, ways of how to handle this and many current political topics. All is covered with great musical arrangements.